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Horizon™ HPFC™ delivers performance and flexibility. Biotage has improved purification by introducing the Horizon™ High Performance FLASH Chromatography (HPFC) system. This powerful purification platform combines a number of technologies to speed up and enhance the purification process.

Horizon is a modular auto-purification system. Add components to upgrade your existing Biotage product according to your needs or purchase a complete system. Either way, experience the benefits of Horizon's innovative features.

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Welcome to the eNewsletter. This month we have added many interesting new market reports to our online catalog. These include recent reviews of GPCR's and Ion Channel Assays which are current hot areas for research.


- Avidex and ChemOvation Agreement
- Athersys Expands Partnership with BMS
- Milestone Reached in Biotage FLASH™ Sales
- Versicor and Biosearch to Merge
- Amgen Completes Acquisition of Immunex

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Fourth European Computational Chemistry Conference (EUCO-CC4)
1 - 6 September, Assisi, Italy
The Fourth European Conference on Computational Chemistry will deal with the main aspects of computational chemistry for academia and industry. The focal points of the conference will cover theory and method separately from technology and applications in the following four areas; High level ab initio treatments on small molecules and elementary processes; Models and simulations for complex systems; Approximate methods for large molecules; Statistical treatments and chemical education.

Heterocycles in organic and combinatorial chemistry
14 - 21 September, Novgorod the Great, Russia
Heterocyclic chemistry is no longer simply a synthetic technique but more and more is driving technology. The Second Eurasian Meeting on Heterocyclic Chemistry brings together speakers from across Europe, the Middle East and Asia to discuss the challenges facing todays synthetic chemists and to help foster contactand cooperation across the Eurasian continent.

Combinatorial Chemistry: Conventional Tools from Revolutionary Technology
22 - 25 September, Leesburg, VA
The third ACS Prospectives conference on Combinatorial Chemistry will address how combichem technologies are being applied and how the latest discoveries can be used to increase productivity. The conference will take a practical approach to the subject, presenting techniques that can be applied in real life, while also presenting the latest cutting-edge discoveries from the leading scientists in the field.

SBS 8th Annual Conference and Exhibition
September 22-26, The Hague, The Netherlands
Program includes:
- Post-Genomic Target Identification & Pharmacogenomics
- Machine Intelligence in Informatics
- Novel Detection Technologies
- Trends in Automation, Miniaturization & Nanotechnology
- Novel Screening Methods with High Information Content
- High Throughput Chemistry - What Works Where
- Screening & IP Issues
- Metabolically Engineered Cells & Organisms
- Imaging Technologies

Market Reports

Ion Channel Assays in the Drug Discovery Process,
June 2002

Ion channels play an important role in numerous cell types and occur as large families of related genes with cell-specific statement patterns. A new report addresses the need for a comprehensive study within the field. It identifies 23 companies with a strong focus in this area, considers the available and future possibilities in ion channel assays, an outlook at the competitive landscape of companies in this field, and guides the user to technologies that suit different segments of the drug discovery process.

Priced from $2,550 more information can be view on our online Catalog

GPCRs: The Targets of Today's Drugs and Tomorrow's Blockbusters, June 2002
G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) have proven to be a highly amenable target class to successful therapeutic intervention. Of the approximate 500 drugs currently marketed, more than 30% are modulators of GPCR function. By 2000, 26 of the top 100 pharmaceutical products were compounds that target GPCRs, accounting for sales of over $23.5 billion. This represents a growing figure of approximately 9% of total global pharmaceutical sales.

Priced from $4,950 more information can be viewed on our online Catalog

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