Radleys Extend StarFish Range by Adding new Components

Thursday, May 04, 2006 Print

Radleys Discovery Technologies has added several new components to their StarFish range to further extend its operational versatility and ease of use.

The Starfish is a heating and stirring experiment workstation designed to provide a safe, clean and productive alternative to using oil baths and heating mantles.

To facilitate the safe and speedy removal of heated glassware from the Starfish a universal 5-way telescopic clamp with quick release silicone / viton straps is now available. 

The universal telescopic clamp arrangement securely holds in place up to 5 different heating and stirring experiments.

Radleys claims that, the system is versatile enough to accommodate the widest range of reaction vessels - from small 2ml vials to 250ml round-bottomed flasks.

In addition the same system can also be configured to perform complex procedures in parallel including synthesis, extraction, concentration, distillation and digestion. 

For laboratories regularly looking to heat and stir vials two specialist heating blocks (16 x 28mm Vial MonoBlocks and 3 x 28mm Vial PolyBlocks) have been introduced.