Micropore Technologies’ New On-Line Particle Size Analyser

Date Posted: Friday, February 20, 2009

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The operating range of the optical system extends from twenty (20) microns to five hundred (500) microns, with an accuracy of ± 2 microns.

The unit is designed for use as an on-line instrument in a Process Analytical Technology environment, and also as a stand-alone instrument for measurement of particle diameter and particle size distribution.

Richard Holdich, Managing Director of Micropore Technologies, stated, "this new instrument complements our equipment line of membrane emulsion systems that are used to manufacture particles for applications in chromatography, adsorption resins, flavours and fragrances, cosmetics and lab diagnostics. The instrument’s software provides real time feed-back control over the process parameters that govern the particle size and particle size distribution in our membrane emulsification systems.”

The instrument’s optical detector requires only that there is contrast between the discrete particles and the continuous phase. The instrument’s software is designed for feedback control of the process parameters used to govern the particle size and particle size distribution in the membrane emulsion production system, or any other two phase particle production process.

Further Information: http://www.micropore.co.uk

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