Radleys Develops Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station for Contract Organic Synthesis

Date Posted: Thursday, February 19, 2009

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The versatility, reproducibility and productivity needed by Contract Research or Synthesis Laboratories are provided by the Carousel 12 Plus™ Reaction Station – an improved version of the Carousel 12 Reaction Station.

The Radleys Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station has been designed to provide contract research and synthesis laboratories with a tool that simultaneously heat or cools, stirs and reflux's up to 12 samples (1-20ml) under an inert atmosphere.

In addition the Carousel 12 Plus includes a host of new features that make it easier to use, easier to clean and resistant to chemical corrosion as well as providing improved energy efficiency and enhanced reaction tube visibility.

A removable reflux and gas distribution head that can be transferred, with tubes in situ, between the Carousel 12 Plus' heated base, cooling reservoir or support stand, provides users with a versatile system for heated and cooled reactions.

Operating from ambient to 180ºC (220ºC for shorter periods) with accurate temperature control of ± 0.1ºC, the range of possible reactions with the Carousel 12 Plus is considerable. The addition of a cooling reservoir enables the Carousel 12 Plus to also perform sub-ambient reactions (-78ºC).

A fluoropolymer insulation plate that sits over the heated base acts as a barrier to heat loss enabling the Carousel 12 Plus not only to heat up faster but also to use one third less energy to reach the same temperatures as its predecessor.

The viewing slots in the heated base provide users with a view of the reaction tubes contents and stirring performance. The circular design of the Carousel 12 Plus allows users to rotate the unit providing access to all tubes without having to lean into the fumehood.

The small benchtop footprint of the Carousel 12 Plus is especially beneficial to laboratories where fumehood space is at a premium. The Carousel 12 Plus is protected by its easy to clean and chemically resistant fluoropolymer coating.

Further Information: http://www.radleys.com

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