Cisbio International Announces Launch of HTRF® KinEASE™ TK at SBS

Date Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Cisbio international has announced the launch of HTRF® KinEASE™ TK at the SBS Conference in Montreal, Canada.

HTRF® KinEASE™ TK is a universal assay for high throughput screening of Tyrosine (Tyr) kinases, major targets in drug discovery, in particular in oncology research.

With the development of this tool, Cisbio now offers its customers the ability to use a reliable kinase screening platform based on one technology to address a broad range of kinase targets.

HTRF® KinEASE™ TK combines a peptide substrate called S4 and a single monoclonal antibody with Cisbio’s HTRF® (homogeneous time resolved fluorescence) technology, a technology for the detection of molecular interactions of proteins in vitro.

HTRF® KinEASE™ TK limits assay development time and is miniaturizable and flexible, meaning the assay can be performed under a wide range of kinase assay conditions, for instance with low consumption of enzyme or with any ATP concentration.

HTRF® KinEASE™ TK is the fifth kit in the HTRF® KinEASE™ platform, developed in collaboration with Millipore (Upstate) for profiling and HTS of Serine/Threonine (Ser/Thr) kinases.

Launched in March 2006, the platform consists of four kits combining 3 biotinylated substrates, S1, S2 and S3, with a monoclonal antibody and HTRF®. Since this new Tyr kinase assay is based on the same monoclonal antibody principle as HTRF® KinEASE™, the implementation of the assay by Cisbio’s existing HTRF® KinEASE™ customers is very straightforward.

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