Milestone Introduces Microwave Labstations for Microwave Synthesis

Date Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Milestone enables synthetic and organic chemists to have the ability to run reactions with higher yields and better purities when using the Milestone MicroSynth, MultiSynth or FlowSynth microwave labstations.

According to Company, in addition to faster reactions, the MultiSynth can also allow researchers to scale up experiments reliably from milligrams to much larger quantities without the need to alter reaction parameters.

Milestone’s microwave enhanced synthesis can offer precise control over conditions of temperature and pressure than any other alternative technologies while maintaining ease of use.

Milestone has a complete line of microwave instrumentation for synthetic laboratories the ability to manufacture compounds from small quantities (MicroSynth) to the flexibility of scale up from small quantities to large quantities in a single instrument (MultiSynth), to batch flow through (FlowSynth).

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