Modern Drug Discovery & Development Summit, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Monday, December 04, 2006 - Wednesday, December 06, 2006

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Biomedical research and drug discovery are evolving rapidly. When once we focused on single genes and proteins, we now look to systems biology. From a timeless central dogma, science has been propelled into an age of epigenetic changes.  While searching for the dreamed magic bullet, researchers have realized targeted antibody drugs. 

Drug discovery today has been shaped by the innovative thinkers who envisioned such ideas as nano-biology, stem cell regeneration and personalized medicine. But what will the future hold?  Who will the next generation of visionaries be? 

GTCbio's Modern Drug Discovery and Development summit (M3D) aims to bring together leading scientific minds to decipher the mystery of modern medicine and to discuss future opportunities.

Be a part of M3D 2006!  Present a poster, network with colleagues, or launch a new product while simultaneously establishing key business ties and enjoying 140+ hours of stimulating talks. 

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