JMP® Genomics Software from SAS Achieves GeneChip-compatible™ Status

Date Posted: Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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SAS has announced that two products in its suite of genomics software, JMP Microarray and JMP Genetics, earned GeneChip-compatible™ status for use with the Affymetrix microarray platform.

This compatibility provides scientists who use GeneChip® expression and genotyping arrays with a way to use SAS® software to analyze data from their.

JMP genomics software provides powerful and dynamic data visualization and statistical analysis desktop capabilities. The software uses SAS stored processes for unparalleled data processing and statistical capabilities.

High-content data presents data management and analysis challenges that interfere with efficient and accurate identification of genetic patterns and relationships.  
JMP genomics software is designed to overcome many of these challenges, offering the capability to accurately and quickly determine data quality and statistical significance. The software also incorporates statistical techniques that account for the effects of random factors.

Version 2.0.2 of the JMP suite of genomics software supports more than 90 SAS processes for genomic and proteomic molecular analyses and performs whole-genome association tests on datasets with more than 500,000 SNPs.

In addition, it provides capabilities for chromosomal copy number and loss of heterozygosity analyses.

"Genomics discoveries require sophisticated analyses of almost overwhelming amounts of data. SAS is expert at handling and analyzing data. The JMP genomics products add interactive graphical tools that allow scientists to picture relationships and genomic areas of interest," said Mike Lelivelt, Senior Manager of Informatics Applications at Affymetrix.

As a member of the Affymetrix GeneChip-compatible™ Applications Program, SAS commits to future technical integration between the JMP genomics software and GeneChip arrays as the Affymetrix platform evolves.

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