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Porvair: Triseal-Scorpion system

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Porvair Sciences Ltd has specialised in the manufacture of microplates since 1992. Via our global distributor network, we serve Life Sciences, Biotechnology, R&D and Molecular Biology with microplate solutions for all applications, from sample preparation to high throughput screening. Our latest high-throughput microplate sealer is the Triseal-Scorpion system. This combines the unique three position design of our successful Triseal with the added convenience of walk-away loading of up to 50 plates from the Scorpion stacker loader. Combining these two enables 3 plates per minute to be sealed automatically, with sealed plates returned to a separate stack on the Scorpion for true unattended use. The Triseal can accommodate plates up to 44 mm high, in polystyrene, polypropylene, COC and most other plastics and can accept roll-fed seals made from breathable Rayon, optically clear polyester or pierceable, peelable and strong aluminium foils.


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