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Genevac: Rocket Evaporation System Demonstration
28 November 2008
This enticing preview of the brand new Rocket evaporation system which has been developed specifically to evaporate large volumes of water and organic solvents.

Porvair: Triseal-Scorpion system
20 November 2008
Our latest high-throughput microplate sealer is the Triseal-Scorpion system. This combines the unique three position design of our successful Triseal with the added convenience of walk-away loading of up to 50 plates from the Scorpion stacker loader.

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Freedom from filters! The Biochrom Asys UVM340 Microplate Reader

Personal Solvent Evaporator Offers Optimised Storage Method

Affordable, High Quality 2ml Compound Storage Plate

Product News

ProImmune Launches CFSE T Cell Proliferation Assays for Assessing Drug Immunogenicity Risk
18 December 2009
New assays enable the creation of a detailed profile of the helper T cell immune response to one or more drug leads.

Cellular Dynamics Announces Commercial Launch of iCell™ Cardiomyocytes for Drug Candidate Toxicity Screening
17 December 2009
Human iCell cardiomyocytes provide alternative to non-human, tumor-derived, and cadaveric cellular model systems to predict cardiac toxicity.

InSite Vision to Advance new Ocular Anti-Inflammatory Candidate
17 December 2009
ISV-303 leverages DuraSite® technology to improve ocular distribution and potential activity.

Agilent’s New Triple Quadrupole GC/MS Offers Selectivity and Sensitivity
16 December 2009
New Agilent 7000B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS provides femtogram-level sensitivity for analyzes of target compounds in complex samples.

IN/US Systems Introduces Microplate Reader Offering Up to Six Different Measurement Technologies
16 December 2009
New Chameleon V microplate reader incorporates three different detectors to provide performances in different measurement modes.

Techne Accelerates Sample Concentration
15 December 2009
The Techne® Sample Concentrator can provide fast solvent or diluent evaporation with no sample loss.

New Online Tool Adds Level of Security to Weighing Processes
10 December 2009
Mettler Toledo introduces the Risk Check to help quality managers optimize weighing performance and reduce risk in weighing processes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Four New Industry Specific Analytical Packages for Fast, Accurate and Reliable X-ray Analysis
04 December 2009
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., today announced the introduction of four new analytical packages designed to enhance industry specific routine X-ray analysis.