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Peptide Drugs, Overcoming the Challenges, a Growing Business
Mimoun Ayoub and Daniel Scheidegger

Due to the advances achieved in the peptide field the last few years, this class of therapeutics has continued gaining more interest. Thus peptide drugs became a focus for several pharmaceutical and biotech companies.They are used in different therapeutic areas like allergy, anti-infection, diagnostics, oncology, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and arthritis.

Are low-Priced Peptides Affordable?
Rodney Lax and Michael Verlander

Towards the end of May 2006, a number of reports appeared in the press concerning the indictment of a biotechnology company and its owner on charges of allegedly shipping bogus research material to many corporate and academic researchers. According to thes ereports, the indictment alleged that employees of the company fraudulently misrepresented the purity of the peptide products they manufactured.

Libraries of Conformationally Restricted and Rigid Amino Acids
Igor V. Komarov, Oleksandr O. Grygorenko, Dmytro S. Radchenko, Oleksiy S. Artamonov, Alexander N. Kostyuk, and Andrey A. Tolmachev

Libraries of rigid and conformationally restricted α-amino acids have good perspectives to obtain peptide models and peptidomimetics. Two mini-libraries of α-amino acids have been developed: one consisting of bicyclic proline analogues, another composed of potential glutamate receptor ligands containing spiro [3.3] heptane scaffold. Synthesis of some rigid amino acids using “chiral pool” terpenoids as starting compounds is also described.

High Throughput Synthesis of Peptides and Peptidomimetics
Hruby V.J. and Vagner J.

The development of methods for solid phase synthesis of a variety of organic and inorganic structures using similar strategies as in peptide synthesis are being vigorously pursued. However, existing instrumentation and technology is not sufficient to cover current demands for peptides, and thus new approaches and technologies for cost-effective synthesis of peptide arrays are needed.

Application of Enzymes for the Synthesis of the Cholecystokinin Pentapeptide (CCK-5)
Liping Meng, Rajendra Joshi and Heiner Eckstein

Application of immobilised enzymes has several advantages in comparison to free enzymes in the synthesis of peptides as therapeutical drugs. Here the principles of enzymatic peptide synthesis are discussed and their application in our peptide synthetic work with immobilised enzymes is presented.

Synthesis of Cystine-rich Peptides
Cyril Boulèguem, Hans-Jürgen Musiol, Vidya Prasad and Luis Moroder

Since the early days of peptide chemistry the synthesis of cysteine-containing peptides has been one of the most challenging tasks, primarily because of the difficulties involved in the formation of multiple regioselective disulfide bonds. To overcome these challenges, new protection strategies and selective thiol chemistry continue to be developed. Great advances have been achieved over the years as demonstrated by the numerous highly efficient syntheses of mono- and multiple stranded Cys-rich

Microwave-Enhanced Fluorous Synthesis
Zhang W.

A new technology for high-speed solution-phase parallel synthesis has been developed by combination of microwave heating and fluorous tagging strategies. This article highlights several applications of this technology in the synthesis of library scaffolds involving Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling and multicomponent reactions.

From a House of Brands - Flowserve hits the branding bull's-eye with dual strategy

Start with more than 50 heritage brands. Add a long line of highly engineered products with life cycles of up to 50 years. Now, picture hundreds of offices, thousands of employees, and sales channels in more than 50 countries. For final measure, throw it all under the umbrella of a newly formed company that combines vast business experience and expertise with industry-leading brand names dating back as far as the 1800s.

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