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Argenta Discovery and PRECOS Establish Cancer Drug Discovery Alliance
19 February 2009
The alliance will provide exceptional cancer drug discovery services and expertise on a fee-for-service basis.

Romark and Chugai Enter Into Exclusive Licensing Agreement for Nitazoxanide in Japan
19 February 2009
Chugai pharmaceutical gains rights to develop and market Nitazoxanide for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C.

Evotec Presents its Fragment Screening Technology at Two Key Conferences
19 February 2009
Presentations will be given at Screening, MedChem and ADMET Europe and at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference.

Nanion Opens US-office in New Jersey
18 February 2009
Nanion expands its presence in the American market by the opening of its new headquarters to continue giving customer service.

Innova Biosciences Awarded EU Grant to Develop Cancer Biomarker Discovery Platform
18 February 2009
A high throughput plasma screening platform will be developed for the discovery of biomarkers of early stage cancer through the PROACTIVE consortium.

Astrazeneca and Cellartis Extend Collaboration to Develop Drug Safety Testing Using Stem Cells
17 February 2009
Extended scientific collaboration will develop safety screening systems based on human embryonic stem cell derived hepatocytes and cardiomyocytes.

On-the-spot DNA Analysis to Test Tolerance to Prescription Drugs Gets Closer
17 February 2009
A handheld device to predict whether patients will respond adversely to medication is one step closer to the market.

XenoTech Offers Metabolite Profiling Services Following Acquisition of Waters Synapt HDMS System
17 February 2009
Investing in mass spectrometry technology allows the organization to offer pharmaceutical clients comprehensive pre-clinical study data.

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