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Aptuit’s Study Demonstrates the Value of Early Insights into the Characterization of Drug Compounds
11 December 2009
New research outlines a systematic approach to characterizing and monitoring active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Azaya Therapeutics Receives FDA Authorization to Start Phase I Cancer Trial
11 December 2009
Phase I study will be conducted at two premier cancer research facilities in Texas.

NIAID Trial of 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Enrolling HIV-Positive Adults
11 December 2009
Trial complements current studies in HIV-infected children and pregnant women.

Rib-X Pharmaceuticals Expands License Agreement with Yale University on new Ribosome Technology
11 December 2009
Rib-X to further explore the high resolution crystal structure of new ribosome technology elucidated by Yale scientists.

Targacept Initiates Phase 2 Study of TC-5619 in Cognitive Dysfunction in Schizophrenia
11 December 2009
The multi-center Phase 2 double blind, placebo controlled, randomized study to be conducted in the United States and India.

Sangamo BioSciences Announces Presentation of Preliminary Data From Phase 2 Study of SB-509
10 December 2009
Early data demonstrates improvement in muscle function with SB-509 treatment compared to historic controls.

Sygnature Chemical Services and Cyprotex Establish Strategic Alliance
10 December 2009
Collaboration will provide a fully-integrated discovery chemistry/DMPK service to accelerate drug discovery projects into development.

Dotmatics Licenses Browser, Nucleus and Vortex to BioFocus
10 December 2009
The solution will be used throughout BioFocus to query, browse, analyze and visualize information across research programs.

Novacta Therapeutics and O2h (Oxygen Healthcare) Announce A Multi FTE Medicinal Chemistry Collaboration
10 December 2009
Novacta Therapeutics and O2h announced a multi FTE chemistry collaboration to support their internal drug discovery efforts. This is the third successive collaboration over the last three years.

Sygnature Chemical Services and Cyprotex Establish Strategic Alliance
10 December 2009
Sygnature Chemical Services Ltd., a leading provider of medicinal and computational chemistry services to the global pharmaceutical industry, and Cyprotex Discovery Ltd., a world-renowned pre-clinical discovery and development CRO with a core focus on ADME/PK, today announced they have entered into a strategic alliance.

4SC AG Receives Research Grant from the Bavarian Research Foundation
10 December 2009
4SC AG, a drug discovery and development company, today announced that it has received, as part of a consortium, a research grant from the Bavarian Research Foundation (Bayerische Forschungsstiftung) to fund the discovery of protein kinase inhibitors as potential therapies for the treatment of herpes viruses.

Applied NeuroSolutions Announces Renewal of Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Discovery Collaboration with Eli Lilly
09 December 2009
Lilly will pay $250,000 to Applied NeuroSolutions for the one-year collaboration renewal.

Tranzyme Pharma Enters Into Strategic Drug Discovery Collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb
09 December 2009
Collaboration will deploy Tranzyme’s MATCH™ technology to identify and develop new drug candidates for multiple targets.

Small Addition to Cancer Drug May Make Big Difference
09 December 2009
Florida researchers find a way to use just a fraction of the normal dosage of chemotherapy drug to achieve better results against colon cancer cells.

Santhera Presents New Data on MC-4R Antagonist Program for Treatment of Cancer Cachexia
08 December 2009
Santhera Pharmaceuticals, a Swiss specialty pharmaceutical company focused on orphan neuromuscular diseases, recently presented the potential of its oral melanocortin-4 receptor (MC-4R) antagonists for treatment of cancer cachexia at the 5th Cachexia conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Drug Shows Positive Responses, Low Side-Effects in Multiple Myeloma
07 December 2009
Carfilzomib induces a response in 45 percent of patients and reduces neuropathy.

VAI Researchers Find Long Awaited Key to Creating Drought Resistant Crops
07 December 2009
Findings published in the journal Nature could help engineer hardier plants and have implications for stress disorders in humans.

Alkermes Licenses Technology Platform for Long-Acting Fusion Proteins from Acceleron Pharma
04 December 2009
The licensed Medifusion™ technology to be used to develop a long-acting TNF inhibitor for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Chaperone Technologies and MerLion Pharmaceuticals in Antimicrobials Collaboration
04 December 2009
Collaboration is aimed at evaluating an approach for the treatment of resistant and life-threatening bacterial infections.

Identify Strategies to Protect New Brain Cells Against Alzheimer's Disease
04 December 2009
Reversing abnormal brain activity in Alzheimer models improves development of new nerve cells born in adult brains.

Genta to Support Initiation of New Clinical Trial using Ganite®
03 December 2009
Company will supply Ganite® for a new clinical trial as treatment for life-threatening infections in patients with cystic fibrosis.

The Automation Partnership Collaborates with Major Pharma Company
03 December 2009
The collaboration is aimed to deliver system for automated cell culture in shake flasks.

Novartis Gains Rights to Two Oral Targeted Investigational Therapies
01 December 2009
Ex-US rights acquired for JAK inhibitor INCB18424 in Phase III development as first-in-class treatment for a life-threatening blood disorder.

Gyros and DI Biotech Sign Distribution Agreement for the Korean Market
27 November 2009
DI Biotech will market and provide full support for Gyros’ Gyrolab®, to the Korean pharmaceutical, biotech, CRO and CMO industries.

Karo Bio Announces that Merck & Co. Plans to Proceed With Phase II Clinical Evaluation of Candidate Compound
27 November 2009
The study will assess the safety of MK-6913 for the treatment of vasomotor symptoms in postmenopausal women.

Porsolt & Metris Sign a Co-Marketing Agreement
26 November 2009
The agreement aims to co-market an automated high throughput preclinical behavioral platform for the comprehensive screening of novel medicines.

Computational Microscope Peers into the Working Ribosome
25 November 2009
Two new studies reveal how the ribosome interacts with other molecules to assemble new proteins and guide them toward their destination in biological cells.

BNC Collaborator Wins Prestigious IOP Award
24 November 2009
Dr. Rachel McKendry gets the award in recognition of her international contributions for developing label-free nanomechanical cantilever sensors.

Optibrium Launches Online Community for Drug Optimisation
23 November 2009
Optibrium today announces the launch of its online community. This provides a rich environment for users of its StarDrop software to interact and gain even more value from this unique platform to guide compound design and selection decisions in drug discovery.

Genasense® Given as High-Dose IV Infusion with Chemotherapy Shows Promising Activity in Advanced Melanoma
23 November 2009
Results follow decision by company to continue Phase 3 AGENDA trial for overall survival.

Germany based caprotec bioanalytics opens US Subsidiary
23 November 2009
Company announces the appointment of Dr. Christian Jurinke as President of its new US subsidiary.

Heptares Therapeutics Reinforces Patent Protection for the Generation of Stabilized GPCRs
23 November 2009
Heptares announces the grant of a series of UK patents on specific StaRs and their use in drug screening.

Pfizer Receives FDA Approval for Geodon® Capsules for the Adjunctive Maintenance Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in Adults
23 November 2009
Data show Geodon used as an adjunct to Lithium or Valproate Is effective in the maintenance treatment of Bipolar I disorder.

Evotec Wins German Government Research Grant
19 November 2009
The €2.5 m in research funds from the BMBF aim to advance R&D; activities on the target Serine Racemase for potential use in neuroprotection.

NIH Awards $8.5 Million for Research on Pharmaceuticals for Children
19 November 2009
Studies will determine pediatric outcome measures to facilitate future research.

New Combination Therapy Could Deliver Powerful Punch to Breast Cancer
18 November 2009
A new breast cancer treatment could result from packaging one of the newer drugs, researchers say.

BellBrook Labs Goes 4-for-4 to Win $2.7M in SBIR Grants for HTS and HCA Technologies
17 November 2009
The SBIR grants will fund work on the company’s proprietary Transcreener® and iuvo™ drug discovery platforms.

MorphoSys Receives Regulatory Approval to Start Phase 1b/2a Clinical Trial for MOR103 Program
16 November 2009
Germany's Paul-Ehrlich-Institute approves clinical trial in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Nuvo Research Provides WF10 Licensing and Development Update
16 November 2009
Nuvo’s German subsidiary Dimethaid enter into an exclusive supply and distribution licensing agreement with Ranbaxy.

Cequent Files its First IND with FDA for a tkRNAi Drug Candidate, CEQ508
16 November 2009
First orally delivered RNAi investigational drug to be tested in humans for the treatment of colorectal cancer.