December 9 - MDL Isentris Discovery Informatics Platform
Elsevier MDL has announced the release and shipment of the full Isentris suite of products. MDL® Isentris® is a fully supported, out-of-the-box, n-tier discovery informatics platform specifically designed for life sciences researchers. As the successor to MDL ISIS, the company claims Isentri.....more>>

December 9 - A Novel In Silico Lead-Finding Technology for Medicinal Chemistry
Cresset BioMolecular Discovery has launched the FieldScreen™, their proprietary lead-finding and series-switching technology designed to accelerate the selection of leads for targets based on molecular fields rather than traditional molecular structure.

FieldScreen™ is a tool that all.....more>>

December 8 - Inpharmatica to Develop ADME Models Using Applied InSilico's Modeling Platform
To help advance their Admensa™ platform aimed at reducing drug development costs and decreasing time to market, Inpharmatica has signed a contract with Applied InSilico to use their Evolutionary Learning Environment, E.....more>>

December 8 - Reel Two Launches Two New Products
Life science text mining firm Reel Two has launched a new product, SureChem, that gives researchers and IP analysts an ability to identify chemical compounds in text documents. Enabling searches by chemical name or structure, SureChem retrieve.....more>>

December 8 - Odyssey Thera Awarded Fourth Patent for PCA Technology
Odyssey Thera has announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 6,828,099 entitled "Protein-fragment complementation assays (PCA) for the detection of protein-protein, protein- small molecule and protein-nucleic acid interactions based on the E. Coli TEM- 1 beta-lactamase."

PCA involves the engineeri.....more>>

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