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Compound Management Trends 2008

This market report summarizes the results of HTStec’s second global pharma and biotech web-based benchmarking survey on compound management carried out in January 2008.

The study was initiated to gain a better awareness of the metrics behind current and future compound management (CM) practices within pharmaceutical, biotech and other life science research establishments. The survey focus was on liquid stores, with particular emphasis on learning how the makeup of corporate compound collectio More>>

MicroReaction Technology
Published February 2007

The report presents the industry status of microreaction market, with players, their business models, products but it also describes the applications of the technology and the status of involvement of the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry in this technology. More>>

Automated Low Volume Dispensing Trends 2006
Published June 2006

This market report summarizes the results of a comprehensive global Pharma/Biotech and Academia web-based survey on automated low volume (nanoliter) dispensing. More>>

Peptides 2006 - New Applications in Discovery, Manufacturing, and Therapeutics
Published Published June 2006

Peptides 2006 analyzes the current peptide market. It features an analysis of therapeutic peptide products in multiple disease indications, as well as an up to date overview of key patent issues in this space. More>>

Organic and Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery
Published October 2005

D&MD;'s Organic and Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery market analysis report investigates the methods and technologies currently used to craft compound collections as well as the products and services available to support pharmaceutical chemistry programs. More>>

Therapeutic Proteins
Published February 2005

Proteins that are engineered in the laboratory for pharmaceutical use are known as therapeutic proteins. The majority of biopharmaceuticals marketed to date are recombinant therapeutic protein drugs. But how much potential does this market have? Will the shortfall in manufacturing capacity dampen its growth? Will the high cost of these drugs ever be reduced? And how imminent is the threat from biogeneric competition? More>>

Cannabinoids: A potential blockbuster?
Published Published February 2005

Today's cannabinoid market is undergoing rapid expansion. Currently just two products are available on this controversial market: Marinol from Unimed Pharmaceuticals and Nabilone marketed by Cambridge Laboratories. Both indicated for the control of chemotherapy - induced nausea and vomiting, Marinol has additional approval as an appetite stimulant to treat anorexia associated with HIV/AIDS. More>>

Compound Management Trends
Published December 2004

This market report summarizes the results of a global benchmarking web-based survey of Pharma and Biotech compound management groups. The objective of the study being to comprehensively document current practices, issues and future trends in compound management, with a particular focus on compound quality control and just-in-time compound delivery. More>>