X-Cube, Bench top High Pressure High Temperature Flow Reactor

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 Print

X–Cube™ enables complex, difficult and dangerous reactions to be performed safely and easily. The X-Cube™ allows organic reactions to be performed in a flow manner, combining the use of temperatures and pressures up to 200°C and 150 bar (2175 psi) respectively and catalyst/reagent cartridge system (CatCart™).

X-Cube can carry out in a fixed bed reactor mode gas-liquid and liquid-liquid reactions. Its twin reactors are ideal for forming in situ reagents and reacting them on the spot. The easily controllable reactor is relieving chemists from having to perform demanding and repetitive jobs.

• Utilize over 50 different solid supported reagents and catalysts with safer handling
• Two reactions zones to allow two different reactions to take place in one flow or to scale up one reaction.
• Gas cylinders can be attached to act as reagents in reactions such as carbonylation.
• Supported by an Autosampler to perform automated combinatorial synthesis or process optimization

In order to Perform:
• Most frequently used reactions such as alkylation, and esterification
• Difficult reactions, such as Heck, Sonagashira and other cross-coupling reactions and in situ reagents formations such as azide formation, in minutes.
• React compounds at temperatures and pressures of up to 200°C and 150 bars (2175 psi) .
• Multi-step synthesis .
• Use carbon monoxide for carbonylation and aminocarbonylation and other reagent gases for synthesis to triphase reactions
• Synthesis and purification at the same time.- A combination of a reagent cartridge and a scavenger cartridge can be utilized to perform synthesis and purification in one flow.

• Many reactions progress to completion in minutes
• Reactions may be optimized 'on the fly' to obtain optimum reaction conditions in minutes.
• Low volume system with high temperature control : volatile reactions can be conducted safely and at high pressure.

For detailed Chemistry please click on: http://thalesnano.com/letter_062007

X Cube is useful for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, fragrance, petrochemical and other chemistry related industries, as well as for academic use.”

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