Microplate Help From Asynt

Thursday, May 17, 2007 Print

Asynt, the specialist suppliers of solutions for organic synthesis, now distribute the Porvair Sciences range of microplates and microplate accessories for life science applications including drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, SPE, protein purification, high throughput screening, proteomics and genomics.

Selecting the best microplate for a particular application can involve time consuming searches through the catalogues of different suppliers. Asynt’s technical team can offer advice and support and turn the extensive Porvair catalogue into a one-stop solution for virtually any application.

A feature of the range is the solutions developed to deal with specific microplate application problems. For example, it is common practice to use black plates to eliminate cross talk in fluorescence studies, and white plates to enhance sensitivity in luminescence assays. With normal white plates, very strong luminescence can cause false positive results, so the Porvair range includes black plates with white wells that eliminate the cross-talk problem without losing sensitivity.

Extensive evaluation and testing ensures that the materials used to manufacture Porvair microplates exhibit minimal leaching of chemicals into the sample, preventing contamination during storage and interference with analytical results. As a further precaution, ultrasonic welding is used to produce chemically inert, bleed-free joints.

Asynt also offer the Porvair range of ancillary microplate equipment, including evaporators, vacuum manifolds and sealing systems, and a range of reagent reservoir trays to fit most laboratory robots.

"Asynt’s breadth and depth of expertise in supplying tailored solutions to the analytical and preparative problems faced by chemists and biologists made them an ideal choice to become an authorised Porvair distributor" said Porvair Sales Manager, Steve Knight.