Asynt Introduce a new Hotplate System

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 Print

Asynt (Isleham, Cambridge) have applied their expertise in chemical synthesis to the design of a new hotplate system that cab eliminate most of the problems and nuisances experienced with traditional hotplates.

This new design can maintain magnetic coupling by ramping the stirrer speed, ensuring continuous stirring even with up to 20 litres of liquid.

800 watts of heating power combined with the possibility of using an external Asynt immersion sensor can give fast heating over a 20-300°C temperature range with the assurance that the solution is actually at the desired temperature.

The hotplate itself is made of silumin, an aluminium/silicon alloy with corrosion and scratch resistance that is further enhanced with a ceramic coating. For extra safety, the external housing is hermetically sealed so that if spillages or leaks do occur, liquid and gases cannot reach the drive or electronics.

When more control accuracy is required, the unit can be used with an Asynt Electronic Temperature Controller, giving ±0.5°C temperature control and the added convenience of direct digital temperature readout.

This hotplate is fully compatible with Asynt’s popular DrySyn range of dry heating blocks that give effective temperature control (up to 250°C) of single or multiple reaction flasks without the use of messy, potentially hazardous oil baths.