Dompe and NiKem Enter Into an Extensive Research Service Agreement

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 Print

Dompe and NiKem Research Srl have announced that the two companies have signed a Research Service Agreement.

Under the terms of the agreement, NiKem will, in the next 24 months, use its medicinal & combinatorial chemistry platform and expertise to design and synthesize targeted arrays aimed towards specific G-protein-coupled receptors of interest for Dompe.

By pursuing this business opportunity with NiKem Research, Dompe gains access to key knowledge and technologies for the fast identification and optimization of meaningful leads.

By pursuing this business opportunity with Dompé, NiKem Research further diversifies it’s EU and US client portfolio, now comprising both large pharmaceutical corporations, small biotechs and a number of medium sized companies.

Gaetano Clavenna, President of Dompé, commented, "The collaboration with NiKem represents a key step forward in our research programs in the area of allosteric GPCR modulators that surely represents a primary focus for our group."

"The strong expertise of NiKem in the field of combinatorial chemistry and fast lead optimization extraordinarily fits with Dompé competences and we have great expectations for the results of these collaborative programs."

Carlo Farina, Managing Director of NiKem Research, said, "The collaboration with Dompé provides additional industrial validation to NiKem’s portfolio of high quality drug discovery services, and focuses us towards long-lasting strategic business relationships with internationally recognized players."

"Following an outstanding growth since 2001, which culminated into a 45% volume increase for our revenues in 2005 vs. 2004, a positive trend has materialized also for 2006."

"These impressive results will allow NiKem to adapt and increase its service proposition, and to eventually add even more value to our clients’ projects."

Pierfausto Seneci, CBO of NiKem, said, "We are excited to enlarge our Italian and European client portfolio by adding a highly recognized player like Dompe and we eagerly look forward to exceeding their high expectations."

"Dompe’s success has become our own, and we intend to significantly contribute to its achievement."