Amphora Announces Launch of Integrated Suite of Contract Discovery Services

Monday, September 18, 2006 Print

Amphora's Discovery Business Unit has announced the launch of a contract research service that is designed to enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to improve the quality and reduce the timelines for drug discovery.

This set of products and services are based on Amphora Discovery's chemogenomic, systems biology, and microfluidics technologies that together improve the efficiency of lead generation and optimization through a process that shortens traditional timelines, based on integrated, quality driven services.

"Since our inception we have performed over 100 high-throughput screens and have generated over 35 million data points," said Bill Janzen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Amphora Discovery.

"With our highly efficient process and microfluidic screening approach, we have found that our screening and profiling costs are a fraction of those seen with many traditional assay formats."

"In the past, companies interested in decreasing cost while improving screening and profiling productivity have inquired about accessing our validated platform for their own discovery programs."

"We are now pleased to offer such access through our PrecisionScreen™, PrecisionSelect™ and Full Hit-to-Lead services."

"In addition, our PrecisionProtocol™ products provide a way for our customers to access our validated ready-to-screen protocols to increase their in-house screening and profiling efficiencies."

The integrated offering includes:

- PrecisionProtocol™: Validated, ready-to-screen assay protocols optimized for use with the Caliper Life Sciences LabChip® 3000.

PrecisionProtocol™ assays are developed to provide comparable biochemical and kinetic conditions across assays enabling the determination of true selectivity early in the discovery process.

- PrecisionScreen™: A high throughput screening service with capacity to screen 1 million wells per week in a validated and automated process. 

- PrecisionSelect™: A selectivity profiling service with sufficient capacity to characterize libraries against multiple targets in parallel.

- Full Hit-to-Lead service: Amphora Discovery's turn-key process to covert hits into lead candidates on an accelerated timeline.

Multiple chemical series can be optimized against multiple targets in parallel.