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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 Print

Light the blue touch paper!

Help to launch the sale and promotion of this Intelligent Software solution developed to make better sense of microarray data across a number of research platforms. The products strength lies in advanced Bayesian statistical models, which accurately characterise the key steps and mechanics of real world experimental processes. In stark contrast to "black box" approaches, which rely on abstract pattern matching algorithms, integrated statistical models use an understanding of the physical processes that generate biological signal and unwanted noise to make informed decisions about their separation. Thus, this versatile product emulates the informed analysis of an experienced user who understands the experimental process behind the data.

You will be offered a tremendous opportunity to be directly involved in business development and management of major client accounts in addition to ultimately managing an impressive sales pipeline across the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Biology and high throughput experimental processes are inherently variable. Rather than ignore such a fundamental issue by leaving quality and confidence assessment to the user this application has Bayesian statistics at its core. It also designed and developed by people who have hands on experience and knowledge of the usual types of variables causing noise.

This company offers revolutionary biomarker discovery and screening technology, which can dramatically reduce costs, improve data quality, and increase data throughput for NMR and Mass spectroscopy applications.

Set to become a leading name in the supply of innovative software and data analysis services our client is looking to dramatically expand their sales of statistical software and services to high throughput laboratories in the pharmaceutical, contract research and testing, and public sectors.

A proven track record in the bioinformatics, cheminformatics and or the mass spec industry is required and the salary and benefits will be tailored according to your potential and experience.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to display your expertise in this rapidly growing area!

Based near Cambridge, UK with travel across Europe.

Exceptional package with base Salary from £50,000 - £65,000 + bonus + shares + commission + car allowance + insurance (£110,000 OTE)

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