Genevac Unveils Data Logging Software for HT-Series II

Thursday, August 24, 2006 Print

Genevac has announced data logging/remote control software for its HT-Series II and MEGA high performance evaporator systems.

The package is designed to provide the evaporation data needed for effective process and quality control. 

The software enables evaporation data to be stored as part of a GLP protocol and then reviewed as an EXCEL spreadsheet to evaluate what has happened during the run.

The data logging facility will be useful for setting up, logging and evaluating data from complex multi-stage methods such as drying HPLC fractions or Lyophilisation procedures.

For hazardous applications, where remote control of the evaporator is desirable, the data logging software will also run remotely on most modern laboratory computers, giving control of the instrument and mass data and method storage on an external PC.