SensiQ – An Affordable Surface Plasmon Resonance System for Biomolecular Interaction Analysis

Monday, July 31, 2006 Print

SensiQ is a cost-effective, dual-channel, surface plasmon resonance (SPR) based biosensing system that enables researchers to gain a greater understanding of the kinetics and affinity of biomolecular interactions.  Characterizing the binding properties of these interactions is critical in many areas of research such as drug discovery, cell signaling, gene regulation, and antibody selection.  SensiQ facilitates the acquisition of this important quantitative kinetics and affinity data in an instrument available to labs of any size.

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is an optical phenomenon that provides a non-invasive, label-free means of observing binding interactions between an injected analyte and an immobilized biomolecule in real time.  It has been used for many different types of analyses of biomolecular interactions including:

• Affinity analysis
• Kinetic on-rates and off-rate analysis
• Concentration determinations
• Binding stoichiometry studies
• Thermodynamic analysis
• Epitope mapping
• Ligand fishing

Since SPR is a label-free technique and does not require optical tagging, a wide range of interactions can be studied such as:

• Antigen-antibody
• Protein-Protein
• Protein-DNA
• Protein-small molecule
• Membrane receptor-ligand
• Cell-ligand
• Lectin polysaccharide-glycoprotein

SensiQ utilizes a unique microfluidic design, proven SPR sensor technology and innovative software to provide high quality binding interaction data.  The 85 nL dual flow channels insure high mass transport of the analyte to the sensor surface and enable the user to perform real-time reference subtraction.  The SPR sensor system, originally developed by Texas Instruments, is based on the Kretschmann SPR configuration; a highly sensitive, state-or-the-art optical design.  And finally, the high quality data recorded on SensiQ is easily analyzed within minutes using Qdat, the latest in analysis software based on the well proven Clamp and Scrubber architecture from Biologic Software Inc.