Organic and Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery

Friday, April 07, 2006 Print

Published by D&MD; Publications October 2005

D&MD;'s Organic and Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery market analysis report investigates the methods and technologies currently used to craft compound collections as well as the products and services available to support pharmaceutical chemistry programs.

This report critically evaluates both existing and emerging technologies for organic synthesis and compound design; provides a comprehensive look at the technology and market trends in organic and medicinal chemistry
for drug discovery; and identifies the current sales and market projections for outsourcing products and services.

Contents at a Glance:

1.  Executive Summary
2.  Evolution of Organic Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical
3.  Current Approaches to Organic and
     Medicinal Chemistry

          - “Classical” Chemical Library Generation
          - Newer Synthetic Approaches
          - Natural Products Renaissance
          - Chemogenomics
          - Current Practices in Organic and
            Medicinal Chemistry in Pharma

4.  Products and Services

          - Technological Approaches of Vendors and
             Biopharmaceutical Companies
          - Product Offerings
          - Service offerings from Selected Vendors

5.  The Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Market

          - The Competitive Environment
          - Market Analysis
          - Market Survey Results
          - General Observations

6.  Company Profiles

7.  Interviews with Industry Experts

This report offers strategic input from industry experts on the state of and future prospects for organic and medicinal chemistry in drug discovery.