Triad Pharmaceuticals Adopts new Name of Arisaph Pharmaceuticals

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 Print

Triad Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced that the Company is changing its name to Arisaph Pharmaceuticals, effective immediately.

The Arisaph name establishes the Company's unique identity. Moreover, Arisaph is derived from the ancient Greek language and reflects the Company's goal of creating best-in-class or smart medicines to improve human heath.

"The uniqueness of the Arisaph name symbolizes our differentiated approach to rational drug design, in which we leverage our strong medicinal chemistry expertise and our proprietary drug discovery technology platforms to create 'ultra-smart' medicines," said Christopher P. Kiritsy, President and Chief Executive Officer, of Arisaph Pharmaceuticals.

"In our ongoing drug discovery programs, we have made significant progress in fulfilling our product development mission by designing three novel candidate drugs for cardiovascular disorders as well as two differentiated lead candidates for the treatment of type II diabetes."