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Interfacing Microwave Synthesis with Enabling Technologies in Drug Discovery
Doris Dallinger and C. Oliver Kappe. Karl-Franzens University

Here we report on the rapid synthesis/decoration of privileged heterocyclic scaffolds, namely the dihydropyrimidine (DHPM) scaffold, by applying microwave heating in conjunction with PASP approaches.

Polymer-Bound Fused N -(1-Chloroalkyl)Azinium Chlorides As Synthetic Equivalents Of Aldehydes.
Jean Jacques Vanden Eynde, Annie Mayence and Ernst Anders.. Université de Mons -Hainaut, Xavier University of Louisiana, Friedrich-Schiller Universität

A few years ago the first multi-component synthesis of N-(1 -haloalkyl) pyridinium halides from a thionyl halide, pyridine, and an aldehyde was described. Since that time, we have widely demonstrated that such salts can be considered as valuable synthetic equivalents of the starting aldehydes for the preparation of various classes of nitrogen heterocycles.

A Flexible Solution for High Speed Sample Cherry-picking from Frozen Storage
Jas Sanghera, Ben Schenker, Simon Tullett, Chloë Milburn. TTP Labtech

The comPOUND® sample store (TTP LabTech) is a modular and flexible system that can be installed almost anywhere. This fully scaleable approach to compound storage also allows sample throughputs to increase with the library size to match process needs.

Automated Nanolitre Hit Automated Nanolitre Hit - Picking using a Mosquito® X1 Low Volume Pipettor
Joby Jenkins, Rob Lewis, Tristan Cope, Wayne Bowen. TTP Labtech

The mosquito® X1 offers precision sampling of any individual well in 48-, 96-, 384- or 1536-well plates. This enables researchers to quickly select small volumes of “hits” from primary screening plates and transfer them directly to the next screening stage without further dilution. mosquito® X1's disposable pipette tips guarantee zero cross-contamination.

Novel Lewis Acid Catalyzed (E)/(Z)-Arylidene Thiohydantoin Formation
Brian T. Gregg, Ph.D., William G. Earley, Ph.D, Kathryn C. Golden, John F. Quinn, Ph.D, Dana A. Razzano and W. Martin Rennells. Albany Molecular Research

The novel Lewis acid catalyzed condensation of aldehydes with 3-alkyl-1-methyl-thioxo-imidazolidin-4-ones (thiohydantoins) to generate the corresponding (E)/(Z) 5-arylidene-3-alkyl-1-methyl-2-thioxo-imidazolidin-4-ones (arylidene thiohydantoins) is presented. A survey of various catalysts was conducted (either indium(III) triflate, aluminum trichloride, or boron trifluoride diethyl etherate) and compared with the uncatalyzed reactions.

High Throughput Technologies (HTT)
. ASTECH Projects

This article aims to provide, with several real HTT system examples, a brief insight into how common, discrete tasks to HTT can be integrated into flexible, high throughput, automated systems as part of a corporate HTT strategy.

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