Polymer-Bound Fused N -(1-Chloroalkyl)Azinium Chlorides As Synthetic Equivalents Of Aldehydes.

Jean Jacques Vanden Eynde, Annie Mayence and Ernst Anders., Université de Mons -Hainaut, Xavier University of Louisiana, Friedrich-Schiller Universität

Date Posted: Friday, March 03, 2006

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Preparation and Evalutation

A few years ago, one [1] of us described the first multi-component synthesis of N-(1 -haloalkyl) pyridinium halides from a thionyl halide, pyridine, and an aldehyde (Scheme 1). Since that time, we [2- 4] have widely demonstrated that such salts can be considered as valuable synthetic equivalents of the starting aldehydes for the preparation of various classes of nitrogen heterocycles.

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