MAPK Inhibitors: New Chemotherapeutic Opportunities for the ‘Ageing’ Disease

Date Posted: Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Dr Mark C. Bagley is a Reader in Organic Chemistry at the School of Chemistry, Cardiff University. Educated at the University of Oxford (B. A. 1991; DPhil 1994), with post-doctoral studies at the Universities of Geneva, Loughborough and Exeter, he moved to Cardiff in 1999. His research interests include heterocyclic chemistry, microwave-mediated synthetic methods and technology, flow reactors, the synthesis of heterocyclic natural products and the interface of chemistry and tissue engineering, in particular for chemical intervention in inflammatory diseases and rapid ageing.


Small molecule inhibitors of p38 MAPK and its downstream target MK2 have been used to understand the role of signal transduction in accelerated ageing in Werner syndrome; thus explaining the pathophysiology of this disorder and uncovering new chemotherapeutic opportunities.

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