Symyx Metabolite Database Helps Accelerate R&D; Productivity

Date Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Symyx Technologies, Inc. has announced that the latest release of the Symyx Metabolite database - the largest and most comprehensive collection of drug metabolism data in the world-is now available to pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and biotechnology researchers via the Symyx Isentris® data access, analysis, and decision support system, as well as the Web-based DiscoveryGate® content platform.

"Symyx Metabolite accelerates R&D productivity by making it possible for scientists to focus on the most therapeutically promising compounds-those with the right metabolic profile-early in the discovery process," said Trevor Heritage, president of Symyx Software.

"Using Symyx Metabolite's structure-searchable metabolic schemes, biotransformation explorer, and easy-to-use query and browse tools, scientists can quickly explore the fate of parent compounds, their metabolites, and properties by leveraging in-house and Symyx database information."

With Isentris, pharmacologists and medicinal chemists can now explore metabolic biotransformation pathways in ways previously not possible. Combining in-house and Symyx Metabolite data, scientists are free to navigate through possible biotransformation routes generated from known metabolites, intermediates, and their known transformations.

As biotransformation pathways are explored, Isentris also informs scientists if there are additional toxic, physicochemical, or biological properties known about the metabolites and their intermediates. Scientists can drill down to related molecule information to further explore and report on possible adverse effects or properties as a result of metabolism.

In a complimentary manner, as scientists browse in-house molecule information, they can launch the biotransformation explorer in Symyx Isentris to investigate metabolic pathways and gain further insight into compounds of interest and their metabolic fate.

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