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Schering-Plough Licenses Symyx Notebook for Global R&D; Operations

Date Posted: Monday, January 19, 2009

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Symyx Technologies, Inc. has announced that Schering-Plough Corporation has licensed Symyx Notebook in support of the company's initiative to equip Schering-Plough research scientists across the company's global R&D operations with a single, enterprise-wide electronic lab notebook.

"By providing a common, shared notebook across the enterprise, Symyx Notebook can help researchers achieve better compliance, improved collaboration, and support for integration and harmonization of procedures across sites," said Isy Goldwasser, Symyx chief executive officer. "We look forward to supporting Schering Plough's efforts to speed the discovery and development of innovative pharmaceutical products that deliver better outcomes for patients."

Schering-Plough will also collaborate with Symyx to develop within the Symyx Notebook a commercial metrology module built on the Symyx Lab Operational Informatics platform. The metrology module has been designed to enable researchers to track and manage equipment usage and calibration directly within their Notebook workflows.

Symyx Notebook is an enterprise electronic lab notebook that helps scientists to record, find, report, and reuse experiments-while sharing information with colleagues and contract research organizations over global networks.

Symyx Notebook is designed to be used across many scientific disciplines including analytical chemistry, synthesis chemistry, and biology; from discovery through manufacturing.

The notebook consolidates experimental data, forms data, and text into fully versioned, searchable documents controlled by customizable document workflows, electronic signatures, and security protocols that are appropriate for use in both regulated and non-regulated research organizations.

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