Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces the Thermo Scientific Model 70 FTIR Multi-Gas CEMS

Date Posted: Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has announced the Thermo Scientific Model 70 FTIR Multi-Gas CEMS, a single analyzer, continuous monitoring system capable of measuring up to ten gases or more for almost any incineration or co-incineration application.

The Model 70 FTIR multi-gas analyzer possesses a high level of sensitivity, specificity, and dynamic range, with a dynamically aligned interferometer.

The FTIR analyzer uses a gas cell with a 5.2 meter optical path. Fitted with zinc selenide sample windows, the cell is suitable for elevated temperature conditions, operating reliably at temperatures up to 185?C. The Model 70‘s optical system is designed for a three-to-six month cycle of unattended operation.

In addition to the dynamically aligned interferometer, the pinned-in-place, pre-aligned components ensure permanent optical alignment, virtually eliminating method maintenance for uninterrupted operation and analysis. The system’s high-speed data analysis capability can deliver continuous gas measurement which is ideal for changing complex gas mixtures.

Compounds measured with the Thermo Scientific FTIR CEMS include carbon monoxide, nitric oxide (gas turbine), sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, ammonia, water, nitrogen dioxide, nitrous oxide, hydrogen fluoride, methane, and carbon dioxide. Also available from Thermo Fisher Scientific are two options for adding onto the system: a flame ionization detector (FID) for monitoring total gaseous organic carbon and a zirconia oxygen analyzer.

“Measuring ten or more gases with one analyzer results in a substantially reduced cost of ownership,” said Michael Nemergut, vice president and general manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Air Quality Instruments business.

“This expanded capability utilizes an FTIR bench that has been the cutting-edge technology for the past 25 years, enhanced by our more than 35 years experience in stack gas emissions monitoring. The know-how and experience built into the Thermo Scientific Model 70 FTIR CEMS makes choosing a multi-gas system easier than ever.”

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