Bruker BioSpin Announces the Compact Avance III NanoBay NMR Spectrometer

Date Posted: Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Bruker BioSpin announces the new Avance™ III NanoBay NMR spectrometer. The NanoBay design puts Bruker’s high-performance Avance III NMR spectrometer technology into an exceptionally compact enclosure, the company says.

The NanoBay is offered for the Bruker UltraShield™ Plus 300 and 400 MHz magnets, allowing easy siting in non-NMR laboratories even when space is limited.

The NanoBay supports a wide range of small molecule applications from high- throughput screening routines for quality control in analytical chemistry and food science to structure verification in drug discovery.

In academia, the NanoBay is the ideal system for routine chemistry research and as a teaching tool used to introduce students to the fascinating world of FT-NMR.

The NanoBay incorporates the recently introduced Avance III technology, which permits digital control and pure NMR frequency generation. Ease of use is provided through the use of Bruker’s TopSpin™ NMR software and IconNMR™ automation interface, with automation options that can be tailored to the throughput needs of each laboratory.

Moreover, the NanoBay offers a Microsoft Windows-based intuitive routine user interface (or a LINUX option), and now also features a choice of Japanese and Chinese graphical user interfaces and language support.

“The Nanobay combines the forward-thinking electronics of the Avance III architecture in a small and very user-friendly package”, stated Mark Chaykovsky, Executive Vice President of Bruker BioSpin. “It is designed to maximize information gain and productivity in an optimized workspace, yet without any compromises in performance.”

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