Bruker AXS Releases the new Ultra-Sensitive S2 PICOFOX Benchtop TXRF System

Date Posted: Thursday, May 22, 2008

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At Pittcon, 2008, Bruker AXS has launched the S2 PICOFOX, a new portable ultra-sensitive benchtop TXRF System to quantify elemental concentrations from 0.1 ppb to % levels. TXRF previously was limited to floor standing, large lab systems for semiconductor and coatings metrology.

The S2 PICOFOX was made for the analytical laboratory and for field use thus enabling TXRF ultra-high sensitivity elemental analysis in clinical, nutritional, environmental and mining applications for the first time. It offers “Zero-wait sample prep”, that does not require time-consuming digestion by hazardous chemicals.

In contrast to AAS/ICP instrumentation, the S2 PICOFOX is suitable for almost all sample types such as liquids, suspensions, filters, particles and body fluids.

The system is equipped with a 30mm2 XFlash® detector, making use of Bruker’s award winning Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology with superb energy resolution and excellent resolution stability at count rates of over 100,000 counts per sec.

Operating without any external gases, water cooling, or any other media, the S2 PICOFOX can detect elements from Al to U and quantify them down to ppb levels. Sample amounts can be in the nanogram range with the ability to analyze solid samples directly.

Customer application studies have shown the versatility of the S2 PICOFOX in the fields of pharma authenticity, environmental testing, food, agricultural products, nutritional supplements, biochemical and medical applications. For mining studies, the S2 PICOFOX can be used for geochemical screening, optimization of ore processing and exploration.

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