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Bruker AXS Announces the new G8 GALILEO ONH Combustion Analyzer

Date Posted: Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Bruker AXS announces the new G8 GALILEO ONH combustion analyzer, which can provide fast analysis time, automatic operation, gas calibration with an infrared detection for Oxygen and a thermo-stabilized thermal conductivity cell for Nitrogen and Oxygen. The optimal signal is evaluated by automatic selection of the measurement range.

The G8 GALILEO also offers hook-ups to different external furnaces for various applications, such as the analysis of samples with diameters from 1” to 4” with the infrared furnace.

The analysis software of the G8 Galileo ONH melt extraction analyzer is simple to use. The software package includes pre-programmed alloys, statistics and calibration.

The Bruker JUWE combustion analysis systems optimize control and quality assurance of manufacturing through accurate measurements and short analysis times.

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