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A Modular Solution for Storage of Biological Samples

Joby Jenkins, Wayne Bowen, Ben Schenker, Chloe Milburn, TTP Labtech

Date Posted: Thursday, February 28, 2008

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The physical and chemical composition of biological samples is more diverse than the libraries of medicinal compounds used for drug discovery research. Types of samples include proteins, nucleic acids, blood and serum samples, cell suspensions, tissue biopsies, and antibodies. Thus any storage system must be flexible to accommodate the differing storage requirements of each sample type base upon its biochemical composition, stability and where appropriate, solvent.

The comPOUND sample store (TTP LabTech) is a modular system that can be installed almost anywhere and offers a range of solutions from manual, front of store retrieval, through remote delivery, and walk away overnight processing. This fully scaleable approach to biological sample storage provides flexibility for different inventory sizes and allows storage capacity to increase in-line with sample acquisition.

comPOUND® provides a safe, efficient and flexible environment for the safe storage of biological samples.

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