NanoImaging Services Receives $1.5 Million in Venture Funding from Merck Capital Ventures

Date Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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NanoImaging Services, Inc. has completed a round of financing led by Merck Capital Ventures, LLC. The $1.5 million investment will be used to expand the company’s service laboratory. NanoImaging Services, currently located in Northern San Diego, will relocate to a larger facility in La Jolla, Calif. next month.

“Advanced TEM imaging allows biopharmaceutical manufacturers to actually see the complex macromolecular structures they create, in three dimensions, with resolution as high as one nanometer,” said Clint Potter, NanoImaging’s CEO.

“It provides powerful visual support for structural characterization and validation throughout the drug development pipeline—promising to shorten development cycles and improve confidence at every stage from discovery, through development and regulatory review, and into long-term quality control and manufacturing process improvement,” Potter added.

“NanoImaging Services has established a unique combination of advanced technology and world-class expertise in large molecule visualization and analysis,” said Per Lofberg, President and CEO of Merck Capital Ventures. “With its straightforward commercial service model, and the potential to accelerate candidate development, the company is well-positioned for leadership in supporting the pharmaceutical industry in the field of large molecule biologics.”

Further Information: http://www.nanoimagingservices.com