Morten Jorgensen Wins the Award for Best Poster at Medchem Europe 2008

Date Posted: Monday, February 25, 2008

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Morten Jorgensen, a medicinal chemist from H. Lundbeck won the award for best poster at MedChem Europe held in Stockholm 19-20 Feb. The poster was entitled "Palladium-Catalyzed Three-Component to Promazine with Formulation of One Carbon-Sulphur and Two Carbon-Nitrogen Bonds" and can be read in its entirety here.
The award was sponsored by ePosters.net - the online Journal of Scientific Posters.


The formation of aromatic carbon-heteroatom bonds has traditionally been achieved by nucleophilic aromatic substitution or via the copper-mediated Ullman reaction. The palladium-catalyzed formation of aromatic C-N bonds extensively developed by Hartwig and Buchwald has provided a powerful alternative. While the aryl amination reaction is applicable even to aryl chlorides and activated phenols, the analogous C-O and C-S bond forming reactions have attracted less attention. In a medicinal chemistry project, we have developed a palladium-catalyzed reaction that enable the formation of one C-S and one CN bond from thiophenols, amines, and and bromo-iodobenzenes in a one-flask operation. Herein, we report the application of this discovery to the synthesis of the promazine family of antipsychotics.

Further Information: http://www.eposters.net/index.aspx?id=1827