DuPont Implements Chemical Information Management System DeltaSoft's ChemCart

Date Posted: Friday, February 22, 2008

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DeltaSoft, Inc. has announced that DuPont Central Research & Development has implemented its ChemCart based chemical information management system to enhance their research efforts.

ChemCart products provide a web-based, configurable forms interface to chemistry and other research data. As part of the multi-year, global license agreement, DeltaSoft has extended ChemCart functionality to support workflows related to handling complex multi-component chemical samples. The system is now being used by scientists and registration specialists at DuPont to track chemical research materials and their associated properties.

"The flexible forms interface of ChemCart allows us to provide tailored applications to the highly diverse research teams within DuPont," said Mark Andrews of DuPont Central Research & Development. "The system will allow us to create a central repository for research data so we can more easily query, update, and securely share information across the company."

"Working together with the DuPont team, we have been able to quickly deploy a solution that provides a powerful set of features to both research scientists and information technology teams", said Michael Dippolito, President of DeltaSoft. "We are pleased that DuPont has selected DeltaSoft's ChemCart product and look forward to a continued partnership."

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