First G:BOX HR Gel Documentation System Installed on Jurong Island

Date Posted: Friday, February 15, 2008

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Syngene has announced the installation of its first G:BOX HR gel documentation system at the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Science (ICES), an up and coming research centre on Jurong Island, Singapore.

The G:BOX HR system at the ICES features a high resolution camera inside its own light-tight darkroom and comes complete with overhead white lighting, a 20cm x 20cm UV transilluminator and GeneTools, Syngene’s image analysis software.

This system, marketed and installed at the ICES by Insta BioAnalytik Pte Ltd, Syngene’s expert distributor in the region, will be used to automate analysis of gel and blot imaging in a number of interesting molecular biology research programmes and provides Syngene with another key gel documentation reference to add to its growing list of international clients.

Andrew Lee, Technical Services Manager at Insta BioAnalytik Pte Ltd explained: “To raise its competitive edge, Singapore is moving to produce higher-value- added specialty products to support the biomedical sector.”

Lee continued, “As part of Singapore’s effort to move up the value chain, the ICES was set up on Jurong Island and is establishing itself as a centre of excellence for life science research, which is why having this institute choose one of Syngene’s premier imaging systems is such an honor.”

Further Information: http://www.syngene.com

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