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Date Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2008

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Radleys has announced the introduction of the new generation Metz Heater Shaker™ - designed to fulfil the heating/agitation needs of scientists in the fields of chemical synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, process development and optimisation.

Shaking can be preferable to stirring in applications including parallel organic synthesis, solid phase chemistries, sample concentration and incubations as it has less physical effect on the contents whilst offering excellent mixing.

Offering heating and shaking in a single compact unit the Metz Heater Shaker fits easily onto any bench or into any fumehood. Reactions or incubations are performed in a removable reaction block that fits securely into the heated platform which rotates in a circular orbit for efficient mixing of the reactants. The new Metz Heater Shaker is flexible, accommodating reaction blocks that accept different size tubes or multiple micro titre plates. Reaction blocks can also be customised to accept vessels for your specific application. Ruggedly constructed the Metz Heater Shaker is designed to provide many years of reliable service.

Operating the Metz Heater Shaker as a stand-alone unit is extremely simple. Using an easy to operate, back-lit Touch Control front panel, setting the temperature (ambient +5°C to 150°C) and agitation speeds (from 100 to 600rpm) just takes moments. Alternatively for unattended operation, heating and shaking cycles can be controlled by externally as part of an automated system through the RS232/RS485 ports. When integrated within robotic workstations, an auto-park feature ensures that Metz Heater Shaker platform always stop on the same X-Y coordinate for accurate alignment.

Agitation begins with a soft-start, a ramping feature that allows slow build up (from 0-59 minutes) to the set speed minimising vessel splashing and sample damage. A ramp facility is also available for controlled heating. A thermal cut-off switch eliminates the possibility of runaway conditions. A safety interlock facility ensures operator safety as agitation is stopped if the block door is opened.

For further information on Metz Heater Shaker please contact Radleys now on telephone +44-1799-513320 or email

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