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Multicomponent Reactions: New Synthetic Opportunities for Privileged Heterocyclic Cores

Rodolfo Lavilla, Professor of Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

Date Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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About the speaker


Post-Doctoral Fellow. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. University of California, San Diego. (Advisor Prof. E. Wenkert). 1988-1990.
Ph. D. University of Barcelona 1987. Advisor Prof. M. Alvarez.
M.Sc. University of Barcelona. 1983.
B. Sc. University of Barcelona.1982.

Academic Positions

Profesor. Organic Chemistry. Faculty of Pharmacy.
University of Barcelona. (1991- )
Advisor of 5 Ph. D. thesis and over 20 Master thesis.

Research Projects

“Natural Products Synthesis”. (Indole Alkaloids,)
“Heterocyclic Chemistry. New Reactivity of Azine derivatives”
“Multicomponent Reactions based on Pyridine derivatives”
“Synthesis of scaffolds for lead finding” (in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies)


Over 45 papers in the fields of heterocyclic chemistry, multicomponent reactions and natural product synthesis.


New synthetic protocols arise from the use of fundamental O- and N-heterocycles as the key reagents in multicomponent reactions. The participation of cyclic enol-ethers, dihydropyridines and (benzo-fused)azines in these processes lead, in a straightforward manner, to a diverse set of complex drug-like compounds.

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