European Preparative Business Development Manager (EPBDM)

Date Posted: Wednesday, December 05, 2007

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As a member of the Phenomenex PREP Team, this person will be responsible for the sales goals associated with Phenomenex preparative BULK medias and preparative HPLC columns (21.2mm+) throughout the whole of Europe. On a regular basis this individual will be in contact with the coordinators of the worldwide sales efforts, Nick Mitchell and Lars Torstensson. This contact will begin with an approximate 2-4 week training period at Phenomenex Inc. where an overview of the preparative HPLC market, technical training, and practical considerations will be addressed.


Within defined countries throughout Europe where Phenomenex is not represented via a direct subsidiary, it will be this individual’s responsibility to directly interact with preparative and process chromatography companies currently defined by Phenomenex to have existing potential to purchase bulk media. Within these companies, the individual is responsible for developing and cultivating relationships with the key scientific personnel, other non-technical operators, as well as purchasing personnel, and when appropriate corporate and senior management within these companies, with the ultimate goal of specifically increasing the companies’ spend on bulk HPLC media and preparative HPLC columns.

These meetings can include, but are not limited to:

  • Phenomenex Corporate Overview Presentations

  • Technical Presentations about Phenomenex bulk media and preparative columns

  • Applications Development Support

  • Identification of customer requirements for new media considerations

  • Understanding of various outsourcing relationships between various companies

  • Understanding of various outsourcing projects within these relationships

  • Long term orientation / relation development

  • Preparative advisory board consideration, new product development exploration

Note: An arm’s length relationship with the distributor in these countries will also be expected, as it is necessary to facilitate growth of the BULK media business, but this will be an extremely minimal activity, and should be coordinated much more effectively through the European Distributor Business Development Manager.

PHEN UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Denmark

Within three of these five offices there currently resides a regional “Prep Team” member for the geography represented by the subsidiary. The responsibility of the European Preparative Business Development Manager is to coordinate the activities of these three individuals in an effort to harmonize the overall PREP HPLC media market in Europe for Phenomenex.

Some of the following functions may include:

  • Constant phone and e-mail contact with members of the team

  • Assistance in recruitment/defining of newer members in offices just now being opened

  • Monthly conference call with all members of the team

  • Organize European PREP team meeting, (potentially including US representatives)

  • Visits to key PREP customers within each of the subsidiary geographies in conjunction with the Prep Lead for that country

  • Assistance with management issues/ prep sales training and balance of duties for each of these team members

  • Filling in a more direct role for these team members during vacations, leave, or if temporarily or permanently reassigned to other responsibilities

  • Communication awareness for PREP sales goals between team members, within European countries, and as a part of the world-wide number for PREP

  • Assuring that each of these subsidiary representatives have the internal support at their locations to achieve their PREP goals

  • Education about the developing markets of peptides, oligos, and other preparative HPLC potential projects to drive these prep individuals to prospect new clients that have a high degree of probability of performing prep HPLC in the future

  • Low pressure chromatography data mining from existing customer base to learn more about low-pressure market, the applications, the major products, the major competitors, and the major opportunities for entry with Phenomenex alternatives that are forthcoming

Dynamic Axial Compression Companies

The development of strategic relationships with these column skid and hardware manufacturers is a critical responsibility of the role of this individual. These companies are defined slightly different than standard customers, but in all reality there are immediate SALES potential within each of them! Three companies defined with immediate requirement of interaction include:

  • NovaSep (France)

  • Merck KgA (Germany)

  • GE Healthcare (Sweden)

Interactions with these companies may include:

  • Phenomenex technical presentations

  • Corporate overview presentations

  • Collaborations for packing experiments to develop packing protocols for standard Phenomenex PREP materials

  • Collaborations on customer samples for system/media solution development

  • Combined customer visits to promote these solutions

  • Combined “potential new customer visits” to be a part of presenting to potential prospects the advantage of working with Phenomenex in conjunction with ANY of these DAC suppliers

  • Recruitment of technical resources to join Phenomenex USA in a laboratory, or more technical role

  • Development of strong interpersonal relationships to learn about new strategic accounts for these vendors (BIG bonus potential for specific leads identified outside of the territory—for example, if individual uncovers the installation of a 15cm DAC column in an Asian country that we are completely unaware of, this has potentially MAJOR implications!)

Other Continuous Functions of the EPBDM

  • Continuous maintenance and development of the PREP database for all of Europe

  • Contact with USA Prep managers to identify key accounts that communicate between Europe and USA, and develop strategic game plans with USA managers to obtain this business

  • Attendance at USA and other worldwide preparative HPLC related conferences with significant implications to European business

  • Working with PHEN Inc marketing for PREP to improve existing materials, generate ideas for new Euro-specific or Account-specific materials

  • Develop working relations with academic experts and potential collaborations

  • Training distributors

  • Marketing literature input

  • Monitoring Competitor activities within the region and internationally

  • Referring analytical business potential and other SPE/GC/Accessories business potential to distributors/ Phenomenex International Sales Managers

To apply please email your resume to Rupali Ray, HR Generalist / Recruiter, Phenomenex, Inc., RupaliR@phenomenex.com.

Further Information: http://www.phenomenex.com

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