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OrphaMed Selects IDBS’ Integrated Data Management System

Date Posted: Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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IDBS has announced that Spanish start-up biotechnology company, OrphaMed (Valladolid), has licensed ActivityBase Suite and E-WorkBook to manage its complete drug discovery workflow.

Focusing initially on research for new drug indications for haematological cancers, OrphaMed sought a comprehensive data management solution that could store all of its research data. ActivityBase XE and E-WorkBook, IDBS’ electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), integrate to deliver the level of flexibility demanded by OrphaMed’s scientists.

Juan Ballesteros, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder of OrphaMed, commented: “We required a solution that could easily manage all our diverse research data across three major research sites. Already being aware of ActivityBase and IDBS’ track record, we approached them looking for an integrated data management system.

ActivityBase XE’s superior flexibility is highly adaptable for our changing research needs and processes. Additionally, E-WorkBook will allow us to store all our research data and notes and comply with regulatory standards for clinical data in one secure environment, which will in turn lead to enhanced decision making.”

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