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Gene Logic Drug Repositioning Program Discovery Results in Filing of new Therapeutic use Patent by Pfizer

Date Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Gene Logic Inc. has announced the recognition of a collaboration milestone, triggered by the filing of a patent application for a new use of an existing Pfizer drug candidate to treat solid tumors. The new use for the unapproved drug candidate was discovered by Gene Logic‘s Drug Repositioning Division.

Under its drug repositioning agreement with Pfizer, Gene Logic has been seeking new therapeutic applications for selected drug candidates that are no longer in active development.

The drug candidates under study by Gene Logic originated from across a breadth of therapeutic areas. The terms of the agreement provide for payment by Pfizer to Gene Logic of success-based milestones per compound and royalties on the commercialization of drugs whose repositioning results from Gene Logic’s Drug Repositioning Program. Gene Logic will receive a nominal initial milestone payment as a result of filing of the patent application.

Gene Logic’s Drug Repositioning Program seeks to find alternative development paths for drug candidates with good safety records that have been de-prioritized or discontinued in clinical trials. The program offers pharmaceutical partners a novel opportunity to reinforce their pipelines with high-quality drug candidates that originated from their own R&D efforts.

Gene Logic’s integrative pharmacology platform, a diverse set of drug annotation technologies that comprehensively defines a compound’s pharmacodynamic effects, evaluates drug candidates for potential utility across all major disease indications without bias as to their former indication.

Charles L. Dimmler, III, Gene Logic Chief Executive Officer and President, said, “We are pleased to see our Drug Repositioning Program yielding potentially valuable intellectual property for Pfizer. Our goal is to apply our drug repositioning capabilities to complement our partners’ internal pipeline development efforts.

By finding new indications for de-prioritized, clinical stage drug candidates, our partners have another route to build value in their pipeline. We consider the filing of this patent application by Pfizer to be a substantive validation that our systematic approach to drug repositioning is working effectively.”

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