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Cisbio Adopts Bellbrook Labs’ Transcreener Platform for Enhanced Target Screening Services

Date Posted: Monday, November 19, 2007

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BellBrook Labs has announced that Cisbio, a global developer of HTRF® (Homogeneous Time-Resolved Fluorescence) technology and services used in assay development and drug screening, is adopting BellBrook's Transcreener™ HTS Assay Platform as part of a technology licensing agreement.

Under terms of the agreement, BellBrook’s proprietary ADP immunodetection technology for kinases and other ATP-utilizing enzymes will be combined with Cisbio’s HTRF technology for the detection of molecular interactions in vitro. HTRF is widely used for primary and secondary screening phases of drug development.

The combined product will provide another detection option in addition to BellBrooks' fluorescence polarization and TR-FRET based Transcreener Kinase Assay products. It is expected to increase the likelihood that pharmaceutical companies will pursue higher risk targets that might not be fully validated.

That, in turn, could lead to new treatments for challenging diseases. “We have gotten a tremendous response from the HTS community since we introduced the concept of ADP immunodetection as a kinase assay method almost two years ago," said Bob Lowery, CEO of BellBrook Labs.

"We've achieved enough traction in the market that now is the right time to increase market penetration through outlicensing. Cisbio's HTRF is an extremely robust detection module with extensive validation in the kinase space, so they were the perfect partner,” Lowery said.

Introduced in 2005, BellBrook Labs’ Transcreener HTS Assay Platform enables seamless incorporation of hundreds of new drug targets into high throughput screening. The Transcreener platform relies on proprietary methods for immunodetection of the nucleotide products of group transfer enzymes, enabling entire families of enzymes to be screened using the same detection reagents.

Cisbio’s HTRF combines standard FRET (Fluorescence resonance energy transfer) technology with time-resolved measurement of fluorescence. During the FRET process, HTRF fluorophores emit long-lived fluorescence which can be discriminated from short-lived background fluorescence, boosting detection of these homogeneous assays.

For BellBrook, the licensing agreement provides validation for the Transcreener platform and ensures that ellBrook’s technology is applied broadly to a diverse number of targets.

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