Select Biosciences Announces a new Conference - Advances in Synthetic Chemistry

Date Posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Select Biosciences have announced a new conference, Advances in Synthetic Chemistry, to be held 6-7 April 2008 in Frankfurt.

Confirmed speakers include:

• Oliver Kappe, Professor of Chemistry, University of Graz

Ferenc Darvas, President, Thales Nanotechnology

• Fredrik Almqvist, Research Director, Biological Chemistry, Umeå University
• Mark Bagley, Senior Lecturer, University of Cardiff
• Ian Baxendale, Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
• Carsten Bolm, Professor, RWTH Aachen

• Maurizio Botta
, Professor, University of Siena
• Marcus Koppitz, Senior Scientist, Bayer Schering Pharma
• Fernando Langa, Professor, University Castilla-La Mancha
• Vincenzo Santagada, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Naples
• Peter Seeberger, Professor, ETH Zurich
• Brian Warrington, Director, BB Consultants Ltd

The meeting will be preceded by a one day course on Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis run by Prof. Kappe. In addition, there will be a post-event course on “Multicomponent Reaction Chemistry in Materials, Pharma and Agro Chemistry”. The tutor for this is Prof. Alexander Doemling of the University of Pittsburgh.

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