DrySyn Heating and Cooling Blocks – The chemist’s versatile tools for synthesis

Date Posted: Wednesday, November 07, 2007

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Used in combination with a standard hotplate or chiller, DrySyn heating or cooling blocks conveniently replace dangerous oil baths and messy ice baths in the chemistry laboratory. Asynt Ltd have now announced that over 20,000 of their DrySyn™ laboratory blocks have been supplied world wide in just three years.

With one pharmaceutical company alone using 600 systems, the DrySyn enjoys loyalty amongst its customers through maintaining quality and service.

Since the DrySyn Classic was introduced in 2004, the range has expanded to cover a wide variety of applications in synthetic chemistry and similar fields. Systems are available for heating (to 300ºC) or cooling (to -30ºC) single or multiple reaction vessels with volumes from 1ml to 5000ml. They are fully compatible with magnetic stirring, or the novel DrySyn Vortex Overhead Stirrer System can provide powerful directly driven stirring for up to 3 flasks.

Apart from the obvious safety benefits, DrySyn heating blocks offer heating performance equivalent to or better than oil baths, a smaller footprint and excellent reaction visibility. The DrySyn Cool models, used with a standard laboratory chiller, were shown in independent tests to give better temperature control, faster cooling and better ability to cope with exotherms than a conventional ice bath.

The original DrySyn was developed in collaboration with chemists within the European pharmaceutical industry. Following that the DrySyn MULTI concept was developed with the help of the Department of Chemistry at Cambridge University. During the design process Asynt listened and talked to chemists which helped to provide the product which was needed by the customers. Asynt has also been working with a major ISO certified glassware manufacturer to ensure that the engineered product matched the exacting specifications of the labware itself.

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