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NanoImaging Services Opens new Operation to Provide Structural Characterization and Validation of Biopharmaceuticals

Date Posted: Wednesday, November 07, 2007

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NanoImaging Services, Inc. has commenced operation of a new business providing high-resolution, three-dimensional transmission electron microscope (TEM) imaging services to manufacturers of large molecule biopharmaceuticals.

The service provides structural characterization and validation of new drug compounds, targets and assays; promising speed and reduced risk at all phases of the drug development process, from discovery and characterization through approval and manufacturing.

“A picture is worth a thousand words; a three-dimensional model is priceless,” said Clint Potter, NanoImaging’s president and CEO. “The ability to directly visualize biomolecular structures helps scientists and researchers make better choices, earlier and more often, and gives regulators increased confidence in their interpretation of complex analytical and clinical data.”

Potter adds, “We can see important applications for this technology at almost every point in the development pipeline. In the end, it will help pharmaceutical manufacturers bring new, safer, more effective products to market faster, with lower, more predictable development costs.”

“Although this technology is well-proven in the laboratory, we are the first to offer it as a commercial service, with tightly-controlled processes designed to deliver timely, high-quality results,” added Bridget Carragher, NanoImaging’s COO.

“We come from the academic world, where we have worked extensively with commercial entities, and we understand the frustration clients can feel over the vagaries of research agreements, changing personnel, loosely-controlled protocols and intellectual property issues. We started NanoImaging Services to address those concerns by providing world-class technical expertise through a professional, business-oriented service operation.”

Further Information: http://www.nanoimagingservices.com