ThalesNano's H-Cube Midi

Date Posted: Thursday, November 01, 2007

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The H-Cube Midi™ represents the first step in the ThalesNano, Inc.’s development towards process scale flow hydrogenation. Utilizing current H-Cube® technology, the H-Cube Midi™ seeks to increase the capacity of the present H-Cube® to 500 g per day without compromising efficiency and safety. The H-Cube Midi™ will allow users of the H-Cube® to scale up reactions and achieve the same result.


  • A continuous flow of substrate is combined with hydrogen, generated in-situ from electrolysis of water

  • The hydrogen/substrate mixture can be heated and pressurized up to 150°C and 100 bars (1450 psi) respectively

  • The mixture is then passed through a catalyst filled cartridge, where the reaction takes place at elevated flow rate up to 25 mL/min

  • On-demand internal hydrogen generation, requiring only a source of distilled water

  • Single/repeat-use, replaceable, MidiCart™ catalyst column module, conveniently located at the front of the device, enabling rapid and easy operator access

  • Smallest possible footprint, maximising available bench space

H-Cube Midi™ is capable of hydrogenating a wide range of different functional groups, for example:

  • Nitro reduction

  • Alkene, alkyne and ring saturation

  • Nitril reduction

  • Desulfuration

  • Dehalogenation

  • Imine reduction

  • N- and O-debenzylation

  • Deuteration



  • A number of safety features including hydogen leak detector

  • No gas cylinder or other external hydrogen source

  • Can be used in standard laboratories

  • No catalyst filtration or direct catalyst handling

  • Easy catalyst exchange


  • Analyze reaction results within minutes - Capable of producing from 150-500 g per day in a standard laboratory - no special precautions regarding explosion proof rooms required

  • Higher reaction rates with increased phase mixing

  • Easy to use, touch screen controlled


  • Compact size can be used in a standard laboratory fume hood

  • No special training or skill is required to operate

  • High-quality, robust design, easy to handle and operate

For more information on the H-Cube Midi™ please contact or check our website: for details.

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