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Technical Report on Heating Block Performance & Utility …

Date Posted: Friday, September 21, 2007

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Radleys have published a Technical Bulletin that describes a series of controlled heating tests comparing the heat-up times and energy consumption of its Heat-On™ heating blocks with another leading brand.

Today scientists are increasingly turning to specially designed aluminium blocks located on stirring hotplates as a safer, cleaner and faster way of heating standard round-bottomed flasks (10 to 5000 ml). This new Technical Bulletin TDS02S demonstrates that not all heating block designs are the same.

In the energy consumption test - comparative experimental data is provided demonstrating that Heat-On uses up to 30% less energy to heat up a stirred solution to 100ºC. To compare heat-up performance - comparative tests were performed in 100ml, 500ml and 2000ml blocks. Experimental data is provided that demonstrates Heat-On heats up to 66% faster than the other heating block design.

The report concludes that the lower thermal mass of the Heat-On produces significantly faster heat-up times and faster post-synthesis cool down times. In addition the Heat-On proprietary well design, that eliminates sticking and cracking of flasks associated with other heating block designs, maximises the heated surface area further contributing to improved heat-up times. Because of these thermal features Heat-On is more efficient - using less energy to achieve the same results, saving money and reducing the environmental impact.

For a copy of the Technical Bulletin (TDS02S) and further information on the Heat-On heating blocks please contact Radleys now on telephone +44-1799-513320 or email

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